Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Italian Appeal

A lot of you have wondered about the status of the appeal of my Italian conviction. So, here's a short update, just on some logistical points.

There have been some changes to my legal defense team. First, I'd like to congratulate one of the defense team's members, Giuliano Pisapia, on his recent election as Mayor of Milan. Sadly for me, of course, he will be withdrawing from the legal team. But I'm delighted that Giulia Bongiorno and Carlo Blengino have joined my team. Giulia will be fully on board once her work in the Amanda Knox/ Raffaele Sollecito appeal winds down.

Preliminary appeal briefs have been filed with the Milan appeals court, but the appeal has not yet been assigned to individual appeals court judges. Once that happens, the judges will decide on a hearing schedule. So, realistically, I am not expecting the hearings to begin until later this fall. I have no insights into how many hearings will be held, nor when they might be held.

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Uden Relevans said...

I wish you the best of luck with this case.