Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grazie! for your support

I'm thinking about Italy a lot these days. Many of you have expressed your support, and I'm gratified by your concern and your solidarity.

I see this case has prompted an important debate and passionate expressions of support for the principles of freedom of expression that I have always felt are at stake in this prosecution. We'll get the Judge's written opinion within 90 days of last week's verdict, so probably around mid-May. Until then it's hard to speculate about his precise legal reasoning, even if the implications of this conviction are already being widely discussed in terms of the potential liability of employees working for internet platforms that host user-generated content. As for me, I'm not really at liberty to comment much publicly, because, anything I say about it can (and has!) been used against me.

Many thanks to you, my many friends in the privacy community who have reached out to me. Grazie!

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