Monday, January 11, 2010

Practice makes perfect

I recently got away for a few days to play tennis in Florida. I left with a clear conscience, thinking that 2009 was a good year at Google in terms of privacy tools.

Google launched three major industry-leading privacy initiatives that implemented the key privacy principles of transparency and choice -- interest-based advertising, the data liberation front, and Google Dashboard.

It's a great tennis facility, on Key Biscayne, with grass courts, no less. Someone builds and maintains a grass court in that unlikely climate, and it must be a lot of work. And people pay a lot of money to live in "privacy", which usually means living in a place, like Key Biscayne, where they are secluded and protected from other people. So, now that there are online privacy tools, like the ones I just mentioned, I wonder if people will really use them more. I mean, to play tennis, you have to run and serve and swing. To protect your privacy, you should hustle a little too. Someone else can build the grass court, but it's up to you to play.

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Álvaro Del Hoyo said...


The thing is that in real life may your a member or one or two tennis clubs and from time to time you are visiting other clubs invited by friends, during a trip,...

On Internet, tennis club where we are playing tends to infinite. Think for instance in third parties cookies, Facebook third party software in use on a profile,...